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The EIO SmartCard was created after my Mother became ill with Sepsis in October 2015. During her five week spell in hospital we witnessed lots of patients who were confused being asked lots of questions. Some patients were able to answer and others were so ill that it was impossible for them to respond. The EIO SmartCard was developed. A small PVC card with an inbuilt chip that can be read by a smartphone and can act as your voice in an emergency situation. It can inform first responders, paramedics and people who are helping you in a critical situation of any allergies, medical conditions, next of kin information and whatever else you feel needs to be communicated in a crisis situation. Hopefully you will never have to use it but by carrying it in your wallet or purse it can give you or a loved one peace of mind.


about me

Your EIO SmartCard allows you to have a voice in an emergency. If communication became an issue in an emergency situation, your EIO SmartCard acts as your voice. It gives crucial information to first responders, paramedics and those who are there to help you.


about me

Your EIO Smartcard looks like a bank card. It has similar technology to a bank card as it contains an NFC chip inside. It also has a printed QR code on it. A profile is created online for the cardholder which is quick and simple. Key information that can help in an emergency is stored. Your EIO SmartCard can then be scanned in an emergency using a smartphone or tablet - bringing the information that you have chosen to share in front of those who are helping you.


“My card has NOT arrived?”

If you have not received your card within 7 working days please let us know by contacting us via our email support@eiocard.com or though contact form at the bottom of this page.

“Key uses for your EIO Smartcard?”

Your EIO Smartcard can be purchased and set up for a family member or friend to carry. The principle use is for first responders to receive information that can help them to help you or a family member/friend but it can also be used as a memory aid (e.g. storing a prescription list). Another key use is to provide peace of mind for yourself or a family member in the event of an emergency.

“What can be stored on your EIO SmartCard?”

Your EIO SmartCard has the capability to store anything that you feel would be beneficial in a critical situation. Amongst other items, it can store your photograph, medical conditions, allergies, prescription medicines, emergency next of kin details and whether or not you have dependents or pets at home.

“Why have an EIO Smartcard? Why not just have a traditional paper card?”

Your EIO SmartCard is waterproof unlike paper based alternatives. This makes it useful for outdoor sports activities or accidental washing! Your EIO SmartCard avoids potential problems in reading handwriting. You can also purchase multiple EIO SmarCards which all connect to the same profile. When you update the profile, all cards instantly get updated You could have one card in the house,one in the wallet and maybe one in the car too. It can easily be updated and stores more information than a traditional paper based card at no extra cost. Ultimately it is far more robust than paper based solutions.

“I don’t live in the UK / I go travelling quite a bit.”

Your EIO Smartcard works worldwide and is an ideal way to carry access to your vital information while you are travelling.

“How secure is your EIO SmartCard?”

The protection of your information is vital to us. All the information uploaded is stored in a secure data centre. The connection between our system and any smartphone reading your profile has SSL security. SSL allows sensitive information to be encrypted and transmitted securely. You can check that a site has SSL by looking in the address bar for a green padlock.

“I don’t have a medical condition so why would I need an EIO card?”

You don’t have to have medical conditions to own an EIO SmartCard. It can be used to store critical next of kin / emergency contact information. If you or a loved one are involved in fishing/golf/walking/outdoor activities, then your EIO SmartCard can provide first responders with a contact, should the occasion arise.

“I don’t own a smartphone.”

Although this is a technology product, the card holder does not have to be tech-savvy or own a smartphone. The first responder will be the person that is required to have a smartphone. Most smartphones have NFC technology and those that don't have QR capability.

“Will first responders know what it is?”

Your EIO SmartCard has “IN AN EMERGENCY” printed along two edges which makes it stand out in a wallet or purse. All ambulance trusts have been contacted and supplied with cards and information. Product awareness is constantly taking place with key individuals within health sector.

“What do I do if I lose my card?”

You now have the ability to stop anyone being able to read information from your lost card. You can immediately freeze your card online yourself on your profile page. Simply login and press the ‘Freeze’ button. Should you find your card, simply unfreeze.

“I have a problem/question?”

Please do not hesitae to contact us using the form below: